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8th Annual World Whale Film Festival


Pacific Whale Foundation is thrilled to extend an invitation to support the upcoming World Whale Film Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating marine conservation efforts and indigenous ecological knowledge. Through captivating storytelling and visual arts, the festival aims to raise awareness about the vital role of oceans and the profound wisdom of indigenous communities who have lived in harmony with the environment for generations. The annual festival takes place during World Ocean month, beginning June 6, and includes in-person and online events that:

  • Increase global awareness
  • Connect film viewers, filmmakers and organizations to further conservation action
  • Raise funds for PWF’s mission to protect the ocean through science and advocacy and inspire environmental stewardship

Sponsorship Levels

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False Killer Whales

Your sponsorship aligns your brand with a cause of global significance and demonstrates your commitment to environmental sustainability and cultural diversity. As a sponsor, your organization receives prominent recognition in our promotional materials and engages with our audience through branded content and networking events. Your support greatly enhances the impact and success of the World Whale Film Festival, and we invite you to join us on this inspiring journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for our planet.

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Tickets going on sale soon!

Founded by PWF’s late founder, Greg Kaufman, and his wife and PWF documentary filmmaker, Selket Kaufman, WWFF has expanded significantly since its inaugural year. Here are the links to Selket Kaufman’s films.

Past World Whale Film Festivals